Flutter on Facebook flits into the sunset on December 23

flutter facebook closing december 23
flutter facebook closing december 23

It's no secret that Facebook games don't have the best reputation when it comes to doing things differently. So it's especially sad to see one of the more unique games -- Flutter by Runaway Play -- prepare for its last flight. The game, in which you take on the role of a butterfly flitting around lush environments, will be no more as of December 23.

For the 30,000 of you who are still playing the game -- you'll be able to partake in the game's final flight with a new quest, a few freebies and more. Those include:

- Premium items (except potions, power-ups, and WWF items) can be purchased with HD instead of Facebook Credits
- Play a final quest that involves a "magical mishap" with an owl.
- A free free flower pack or two

Right now, the game's main forest has a new sunset background and, during the last week, will go into nighttime mode before "going to sleep." My god, it's all so sad, isn't it?

But wait! Before you get all misty eyed, there's some positive news, too. The Runaway Play blog says that, while this version of Flutter is going away, its using the down time to rebuild the game from scratch and will eventually launch a new, improved Flutter at a later time. From the post:

"We are a lot more experienced now than we were when we first designed the game, and have been working very very hard to design an approach for the next version of Flutter which is a far better core experience. So from 23rd December we will be going into our chrysalis, putting our heads down, and emerging with a much more spectacular creature."

There, there. Don't you feel better? Stay tuned for more details on the new and improved Flutter as it emerges.

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