FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Holiday Corn Tree, Reindeer Alpaca and more

Now that we've all been given access to Winter Wonderland in FarmVille, it's time to really start outfitting our new farm with some holiday themed goodies. Helping you do just that are new items released in the game's marketplace, all within the Winter Holiday limited edition item theme. There are new trees, animals and more available now, so here's a complete look at your new options.


Holiday Corn Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Holiday Corn Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Gum Drop Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Gum Drop Tree - 14 Farm Cash

These trees are the same as others - don't purchase the Giant versions, as you'll receive them for free from Mystery Seedlings. Also, the Holiday Corn Trees likely look familiar, as their shape was the same seen in the Candy Corn Trees back at Halloween.


Mini Golden Bell Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Bahraini Spotted - 2 million coins
Santa Giraffe - 12 Farm Cash
Reindeer Alpaca - 10 Farm Cash
Holiday Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Big Reindeer Alpaca - 12 Farm Cash
Santa Cat - 12 Farm Cash

If you're an animal collector in FarmVille, this theme continues to be perfect for you, as there are tons of new animals to choose from in this update. For the record, the Bahraini Spotted is a cat, and it doesn't really scream "holiday," but if you want to only spend coins, that one's for you.


Holiday Market - 15 Farm Cash


Mint Lollipop IV - 20,000 coins
Mint Lollipop III - 20,000 coins
Gum Drop Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Candy Cane Snowman - 100,000 coins
Holiday Bike - 30,000 coins

Here, the Lollipops are different versions of the Giant Lollipops released at the beginning of December, with different combinations of colors and patterns. They're the same large size, so it's interesting that these too aren't called "Giant" lollipops. Either way, there are plenty of coin decorations here for those on a budget, which is a great thing.

Avatar Costumes

Peppermint Candy - 5 Farm Cash

Ever wanted to look like a massive piece of red, white and green Christmas candy? Now you can!

While all of these items will be available to purchase for the next two weeks, if you do purchase nine of them (all of the trees, some animals and decorations) within the next week, you'll receive a Candycane House for free. If you're thinking of going for it, just remember that purchasing all of those trees (well, two of them anyway) is a waste of Farm Cash, so make sure you really want the house before shopping.

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Which of these items are you going to add to your farm(s) in FarmVille? Will you purchase enough items to receive the Candycane House? Sound off in the comments.
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