FarmVille Pic of the Day: IrisMagick's Christmas Tree O' Crops

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Nothing says "Christmas" like a giant, decorated tree on your FarmVille farm. Two of the most amazing holiday farms we've seen both featured farm-sized 'trees' made of trees, down the the trimming. Brayzdin's fantastical Christmas wonderland was the first we've posted about here. His was followed by Faustino's, who was silly enough to use Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Trees as ornaments.

Today's special tree is the work of IrisMagick, and her approach isn't trees, but crops and bushels. And it's not just any crops that were used to build her tree -- it's Super Crops.

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Specifically, eighty-four plots of Super Cranberries lend their reds and greens to the body of the tree. The tree is outlined with what appears to be bushels of White Poinsettias, though it's easy to mistaken them for hay bales. The bushels also make up the base of the tree, where IrisMagick has placed Caroling Gnomes, two completed Santa's Sleighs, and two piles of holiday presents. While the poinsettias are a festive choice, the heavy outline it gives the tree does make me think of frosted cookies.

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What's your favorite method for building a giant FarmVille Christmas tree -- trees or crops?
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