CityVille Bring Home the Beacon Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

If you check the waters off the south side of your city in CityVille, you'll notice that a Lighthouse has appeared on a small rocky island. This Lighthouse goes along with a new timed goal in the game called Bring Home the Beacon. Via this timed goal, you'll be able to expand your way out to the Lighthouse, and will then "receive it" as a prize in the game. Here are the specifics:

  • Ask friends for 22 Lighthouse Reflectors

  • Expand to the Lighthouse

  • Collect from a Level 2 Aquarium 4 Times

The Lighthouse Reflectors come via a general news post you'll place on your wall. Meanwhile, expanding out to the Lighthouse is the same project that you'd expect. You'll need to gather Zoning Permits with friends, and then raise your population (by varying amounts, depending on the player) in order to unlock access to each subsequent expansion. Here's a look at my own town, for reference on how far out into the water the Lighthouse actually sits.

If you can finish this goal within 120 hours, you'll officially receive the Lighthouse, which gives you a 100% payout bonus to houses and businesses. You'll also receive 12,000 coins. I don't think it needs to be said, but since you can manually start this goal in your game whenever you'd like, you should really plan ahead and expand before ever starting the goal, so you don't run out of time while waiting for extra Zoning Permits from your friends.

If you finish at any point after the first 120 hours, you'll receive 8,000 coins and 6 Energy, while finishing the goal at any point after that gives you just 5,500 coins. Of course, the main incentive here is to reach that Lighthouse so that you can have such a big boost in your buildings' payouts, so make sure to plan as much of this goal out ahead of time, so you can quickly finish it once you manually press start in the game.

What do you think of this timed goal in CityVille? Will you continue to expand where you want, instead of where the game "forces" you to for these goals, or will you take the time to expand out to the Lighthouse to receive such a payout boost? Sound off in the comments.