CityVille Save the Holidays Act 1: Everything you need to know

Similar to the Halloween Monster event in CityVille, that saw us completing three acts of goals dealing with Halloween Monsters, community buildings and more, the Winter Holiday season has received its own in-game event. Santa has crash-landed in your town, and it's up to you to complete three Acts of goals to help him get back on his feet. As of this writing, only Act 1 is available to complete, and you'll need to be at least level nine to access this entire feature.

Act 1 is called "Santa's Little Helper!," and if you can finish all three goals in the Act, you'll receive an Outdoor Skating Rink (decorated for the holidays, of course) as a reward. You'll also receive individual rewards for finishing each goal. Here's how to do just that.

Let's Talk Shop!

  • Place Santa's Workshop

  • Have 10 Presents

  • Harvest 10 Wheat

Santa's Workshop is this year's collection building for the Christmas holiday. You'll use it to collect Christmas presents from your friends, and we'll have a complete guide to the building for you as soon as possibleyou can check out our full guide to earning presents right here. In the meantime, the Wheat takes 2.1 days to harvest, so you'll want to plant that as soon as possible to waste little time. Finishing this first goal gives you a Snowman, a decoration with a 1% payout bonus.

Deck the Halls!

  • Ask friends for 15 Tinsel

  • Collect from Holiday Bakeries 10 Times

  • Collect 10 Wreaths from Residences

Just collecting from your town's houses gives you a chance to randomly receive Wreaths. Meanwhile, the Holiday Bakery costs 9,800 coins and takes 245 Goods to operate. You can either build and operate more than one at once to finish faster, or just collect and supply the same individual Bakery ten times - it's up to you. Finally, the Tinsel is earned through a general wall post. Finish this goal and you'll receive 3,000 coins.

That's a Wrap!

  • Ask friends for 20 Stockings

  • Have 50 Presents

  • Collect 10 Toys from Businesses

Similar to the Wreaths, collecting from businesses gives you a random chance of collecting Toys. To be clear, you apparently don't have to collect exclusively from Toy Stores to receive these Toys - any business will count. However, your own luck may vary. Personally, I've collected from plenty of random businesses and haven't received a single Toy. Hopefully this will sort itself out in time. For finishing this final goal in Act 1, you'll receive a Tree Lot. This is the Tree Lot from last year's holiday event, so if you weren't playing back then, or sold your first one, you'll receive another one here.

Once all three Acts roll out in this Save the Holidays event, you'll eventually have a chance to the City Snow Globe as the ultimate prize. We'll make sure to bring you continued coverage of the event, complete with guides to finishing Acts 2 and 3 so keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of this Save the Holiday event? Do you think it's starting off easier than the Halloween Monsters event, or will it be just as hard? Sound off in the comments.