Word Trick: Take your Facebook word game to the next level with bonus point tiles

Fans of word games like Scrabble or crosswords have a new option to dive into on Facebook via the launch of Word Trick from recently formed social game developer Outplay Entertainment. In Word Trick, you start out with a setup incredibly similar to Scrabble, giving you a chance to play against others by forming words either horizontally or vertically using individual letter tiles. However, the "trick" or catch to the game comes with special green Trick Tiles, that gives you bonus points when used in bulk in the same word.

You'll need to match three or more green Trick Tiles to earn a bonus score, but the more tiles you use, the higher your score multiplier (for that word) climbs. Gameplay is turn-based, with the traditional Double / Triple Letter and Double / Triple Word score spots being scattered throughout the game board, and you'll only have a selection of seven letters with which to create a word on each turn.

There doesn't seem to be a lack of green Trick Tiles in the game, but this is due to the fact that the tiles turn back to yellow (the standard color) after each turn, meaning that you can't use your opponents' letters to create an even bigger score for yourself. That is, if your opponent played the word "Friend," you couldn't simply add an "S' to the end to create "Friends" for a massive bonus. You could still play that S, but you won't gain the Trick Tile bonus.

On top of simply playing with random opponents, you can also start games with your Facebook friends by inviting them from a list (or being invited, if that friend is already playing the game). You can have multiple games running at once (up to 21), which allows you to always have something to do, and you can even invite more than one person to join in a single game (for a total of four players, including yourself).

There's a chat system available, so players can talk without Facebook's own chat system getting in the way (especially helpful if you just want to make casual conversation with the stranger you're playing against), and you'll have the option of sharing your most impressive words on your wall for friends to see, or to email opponents reminders that it's their turn.


Unfortunately, while the game's Trick Tiles do add a bit of a unique flair to Word Trick, the game is still incredibly similar to Words with Friends or even the original Scrabble itself. Still, with a future release on iOS, and the possibility of cross-platform play (whether or not that will be available has yet to be announced by Outplay), along with the ability for four-player games, there is a definite draw to Word Trick. It's not just about creating the "smartest" words anymore, and just because you place that Q on the Triple Letter square doesn't mean you're guaranteed a victory. You'll need to use those Trick Tiles to your advantage, allowing even the humblest of plays to launch you to the top.

If you'd like to try your hand at Word Trick against strangers or friends, head on over to the game's page on Facebook.

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Have you tried Word Trick on Facebook? What do you think of this twist on the classic Scrabble formula? Sound off in the comments.

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