NYC Taxi Riders Make Good Money But Find Cabs Too Expensive

New York taxi costA new survey of New York City taxi passengers shows that a majority of them earn at least $50,000 a year, and yet a significant number of them say the cost of a cab ride is too high.

Results of the electronic survey, begun in October, so far show that 42 percent of passengers earn more than $100,000 a year and another 19 percent make $50,000 or more (16 percent declined to answer). But nearly half of those surveyed (46 percent) said that taxi rides were too costly.

Rates for New York City taxis start at $2.50, plus 40 cents for each one-fifth of a mile or for each minute when not in motion. There are also surcharges for travel at night and during peak hours.

Among other findings, the survey results showed that passengers' second biggest complaint was aggressive driving by taxi drivers, while 43 percent said cabs' rooftop lights, which signal availability, were too confusing.

The city's Taxi and Limousine Commission has received more than 113,000 responses to the survey so far. Sixty-two percent of those responding to the poll said that they lived in New York City, 22 percent were tourists and 15 percent were either suburbanites or commuters.

Other results of the survey showed that 40 percent of passengers ride solo, while 79 percent rated communication with the driver as "good" or "great."

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