FarmVille Pic of the Day: Ditch e-cards for Faustino's farm-sized, cards display

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Normally, people treat their Christmas cards as mantelpieces, but FarmVille player Faustino has traded the fireplace for the farm with his Christmas card farm display. Three wintery, holiday tableaux in the form of giant greeting cards sit around an equally gigantic holiday tree that Faustino designed himself.

Bright red hay bales frame each 'card' to make them look like they're standing upright. As for the the tree, it's obviously made of bunches of other trees put together. Even the ornaments are trees, or more specifically, Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Trees, while sprinkled on the ground are many White and Pink Star Hay Bales. Regular hay bales were used to spell "HOLIDAY" beneath the tree, as well as forming the icy-looking snowflakes in the background.

In certain ways, Faustino's holiday farm combines ideas and techniques from Brayzdin's fantastical Christmas wonderland and Hieloiceberg's greeting card holographic projection farm to create something equally original.

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Instead of snail mailing greeting cards, what do you think of emailing pictures of a FarmVille Christmas farm you've made to people?
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