FarmVille: Zynga apologizes for Winter Wonderland glitches with free gift

If you're just taking a trip to Winter Wonderland in FarmVille, you might not have noticed some of the glitches that were taking place on this newest farm. While many users (myself included) may have never experienced these glitches (aside from the game running incredibly slowly while on that farm), we've all been given a free item by way of an apology from Zynga.

The next time you login to your game, you'll receive a pop-up from Zynga: "Thanks for playing Winter Wonderland! The elves caused a few glitches, but they also left a gift in your giftbox! Enjoy!" Sure enough, heading into your Gift Box shows you the Snowy Winter Fountain. Since this item has popped into your Gift Box, feel free to place it on a farm that isn't your Winter Wonderland farm, as we've tested it and have found that the item isn't locked to just that farm.

While there isn't a time limit posted for when this item will stop being available, we can only assume it will vanish soon. Make sure to login to your farm as soon as possible for your chance at a free Snowy Winter Fountain and make sure to let us know if you've noticed your Winter Wonderland running better than before - we'd love to hear from you!

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Did you receive your free Snowy Winter Fountain in FarmVille? Did you notice any glitches in Winter Wonderland, or are you just receiving this item "for nothing?" Sound off in the comments.