Cafe World Laugh Factor Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Another new catering order has launched in Cafe World this week by the name of "Laugh Factor." According to the story, a local comedy club has secured one of the biggest comedians around for a show, and you're being hired to cater to the sellout crowd. This order has a three-day time limit for the three-star rating, and a new recipe, so here's a look at how to complete this order to earn the best prizes possible.

For the cooking tasks, you'll need to serve Seafood Paella (a 14-hour dish) 300 times, White Radish Cake (a 24-hour dish) 80 times and Banana Bread (a 30-minute dish) 40 times. Unfortunately, this Banana Bread must be cooked inside a Bread Oven, so if you've yet to complete one inside your cafe, you'll need to rely on your friends to to serve those 40 servings for you. Speaking of friends, you can pull up to 13 of your friends in on this order with you, for a total of 14.

Instead of only being required to collect two different items, this order makes things more complicated as you'll be forced to rely on your friends for three items: 10 Funny Bones, 10 Microphones and 18 Crickets.

As we said above, the three-star time limit for this order is three days. If you can complete the order within that time, you'll receive 15 Catering Points, 7,500 Cafe Points, 200,000 coins and the Chocolate Pretzels recipe (a fun club snack, no?). If you can't finish within three days, but still complete this order within five days, you'll receive two-stars, 10 Catering Points, 5,000 Cafe Points and 125,000 coins. Finally, for finishing this order at any point after the first five days of starting, you'll receive just one star, 5 Catering Points, 3,000 Cafe Points and 75,000 coins.

There isn't a time limit for when you need to start this order, as its self-contained and doesn't deal with any other feature (as of this writing). We'll make sure to let you know if that changes in the future, but for now just continue with your current tasks and feel free to jump into this one when you're really ready.

What do you think of this new Laugh Factor catering order in Cafe World? Sound off in the comments.