This woman doesn't exactly look thrilled to wear an Angry Birds dress

Angry Birds DressThat woman is Teija Vesterbacka, wife to Peter Vesterbacka, head of marketing at Finnish Angry Birds creator Rovio. She's seen here following her husband into the Finnish Presidential Palace, sporting a bright red gown with the visage of an Angry Bird hanging from its only strap. And she looks kind of perturbed about the whole ordeal, no?

Well, maybe that's because the couple was apparently two of roughly 2,000 invited to the estate for the annual, nationally televised Castle Ball hosted by the president of Finland to honor the country's Independence Day Reception. Mrs. Vesterbacka's look may also be because she's wearing Angry Birds gear and her husband clearly isn't--no fair!

At any rate, the fact that folks clearly representing Rovio have been invited to the President's Palace speaks volumes to the fact that Angry Birds is huge. So much so that not only has the game flew past 500 million downloads worldwide, but the creators plan to release four more games--not updates, full-blown games--in 2012 to keep the fever alive. For what it's worth, that is one incredible dress. Get a better look below.

[Via Kotaku]

[Image Credit: Matti Matikainen (Iltalehti)]

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Angry Birds Dress
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