The Sims Social team is thankful, like really thankful , you're still here

The Sims Social thanks
The Sims Social thanks

Jeez, when do the boxes of tissues start going around? Either the folks at Playfish really love their The Sims Social fans, or they're really scared of the thought of them leaving. A few members of the game's design and community team have expressed what they love the most about fans of The Sims Social, the number of which has been dwindling for some time.

"Where would we be without your creativity, enthusiasm and general awesome? Nowhere good, that's for sure," The Sims Social designer Mark writes. "Probably wandering the streets aimlessly dreaming of what could have been. Thank you to all our fans, we appreciate it."

Other notables from the Playfish team touted The Sims Social players' feedback on the forums, strange stories that they share and the creations they've come up with. There's no doubt that the Playfish and EA teams working on The Sims Social are genuinely thankful for their players, but this level of ... mushiness is unprecedented in online games. Maybe it's just the teams' style?

The Sims Social has been in decline for some time, just recently losing its number two spot to the old runner-up king FarmVille. The game now hosts 30 million monthly and 5.9 million daily players, according to AppData, and the downward slope has only stemmed off over the weekend. We have some ideas for how the game can reclaim its former glory. But for now, the Playfish team wants you players to know how much they love you, so please, don't leave.

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