Pioneer Trail PSA: Holiday Hogknocker Part II now available

Last week, we brought you a complete look at the Holiday Hogknocker feature in Pioneer Trail, which helps lead us into the game's holiday season by introducing cute Hogknocker Pigs and mystery crates to the game. This feature is split into three timed goals, and at the time of the feature's launch, only the first goal is available. If you're trying to keep up, you (in theory) should be well on your way to finishing that first goal, if you haven't finished it off completely already. That's important, as Part II of the feature - The Trouble with Truffles - has officially been launched as a way to start your week off with a bang.

As a reminder, The Trouble with Truffles is available to users Level 22 and above, and you'll have five days to complete it. Here are the required tasks:

Tend 60 Adult Spotted Pigs
Collect 25 Truffles
Collect 30 Hog Calls

You'll need to ask your friends for the Hog Calls via individual friend requests, and while you can do the same with the Truffles, you can also find those by chopping into trees. You must accept this goal in your game before December 9, so that still gives you a few days to finish off Part I of this series, if you're a bit behind. Just remember to accept it into your game before that date, or your chance at 1,000 XP, a Hogknocker Crate and a Hogknocker Piglet will vanish from the game, along with the goal.

Part III of this feature has yet to be released, but we'll make sure to let you know when it does. Keep checking back with us!

Have you already completed Part I of the Holiday Hogknocker event in Pioneer Trail or are you now doing double-duty on your Homestead? Sound off in the comments.
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