ForestVille: Zynga's next 'Ville' game headed to iPhone, iPad

forestville zynga ios

Over the weekend, Zynga went on a domain shopping spree for something called ForestVille. Turns out, this is, indeed, yet another 'Ville' game for Zynga, and it will be headed to iPhone and iPad. The game already has an official Facebook fan page and here's a description pulled from the Info page:


Help Daisy the fox and her furry friends build a fabulous forest habitat! Establish farms and fishing spots for food, decorate with natural wonders, and expand your forest to unlock new species. Play ForestVille from Zynga and create the forest of your dreams!"
We can't help but notice Daisy's short shorts and buck teeth/fangs. If that's not a blatant nod to Daisy in Dukes of Hazzard, well, it should be.

forestville zynga facebook fan page

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