FarmVille: Add a festive touch of snow and lights to your farms

Over the past few years, we've seen Zynga release Snow and Light features in FarmVille, giving users a chance to customize their farms by decorating only items of their choosing with either snow, lights or both for the winter / Christmas season. That tradition continues this year, as the various options for purchasing Snow and Lights have re-launched in the game's store.

As a reminder, if you already have unlimited Snow and Lights programmed into your game (either through purchasing it previously, or as a goal reward), it's still available in your game. However, if you take to Winter Wonderland to actually use it, your options are limited to decorating trees. That is, I've personally attempted to add snow and lights to buildings like the Holiday Log Cabin or General Store and they have yet to be programmed to allow it. Trees, however, can be decorated with snow on their branches and light strands throughout.

If you don't have this ability and wish to purchase it, you can do so from the Decorations portion of the game's store. There, you can purchase a single application of Snow or Lights for 1 Farm Cash (that is, it will put a layer of snow onto one item, and one item only, or a layer of Christmas lights, but not both). You can purchase a bundle of Snow and Lights for a single item for 2 Farm Cash, or unlimited Lights or Snow (individually) for 20 Farm Cash each. If you'd like the ability to add Lights and Snow (at the same time) to an unlimited number of items, you can also unlock that ability for 30 Farm Cash.

There's no telling whether or not we'll see this "unlimited" option given away for free yet again this year, so if you're anxious to cover your trees in snow and lights, feel free to simply pay the Farm Cash to do so. For those that want to wait, however, we'll make sure to let you know if another free opportunity comes around.

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What do you think of adding snow and lights to your items in FarmVille? Do you wish this ability applied to animals as well as trees and (some) buildings? Sound off in the comments.
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