FarmVille Poetry Corner: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Cheryll

FarmVille Christmas Barn
FarmVille Christmas Barn

We didn't have FarmVille in 1823, but one fan, Cheryll, certainly has an ear for Clement Clarke Moore's meter, and if he played FarmVille today, his most famous poem would probably sound something like hers.

Cheryll recently submitted a parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to FarmVille Freak. In eleven stanzas, which is three shy of Moore's original, Cheryll tells the story of playing FarmVille while everyone else is asleep. The game keeps her up all night with a flurry of holiday quests, pop-ups, expansions, sync errors, animals to feed, buildings to construct, and so much more.

And much like Mimidursley's FarmVille Jingle Bells from last week, Cheryll expresses her love for FarmVille, one that certainly comes bundled with a great deal of frustration too. But it's that level of honesty that makes Cheryll's poem so funny, heartfelt, and genuinely great. Read on below:

T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the house
The only sound was the click of my 'mouse'.
Hurry, finish the harvests, the breeding, the quests,
For tomorrow arrives a house full of guests.

The household was peaceful, all asleep in their beds
But the quest wants more planting to push me ahead.
The pop-ups keep coming, a new costume, a cap,
More lumber, more begging... I'm needing a nap!

When out of the speaker there came such a clatter
I asked friends on my wall if they knew what was the matter.
I was frantically typing, my fingers moved like a flash
They were all saying that FarmVille was ready to crash.

A fourth farm? Quests, and buildings, and changing to snow
Aviary's, zoos, orchards were making it slow.
Find room for a pen, a buildable, lost deer,
I finally make room ...a new popup appears.

I upgraded Google, downloaded new Flash,
Oh look there's new horses, I need FV Cash.
More rapid than eagles the requests from friends came,
I clicked, and I sent out to every friend name.

More feed, water, nails, more logs, stones, re quests in,
(One more ram dud, and I'll use him for sheepskin).
To the last of the quests and the posts on the wall
Now click away, click away, click away all.

Expansions, sync errors, gnomes, grab a tree,
Please help me to reach Level 3 Mastery.
The time is soon passing, my fingers they flew,
With the clicking of gifts and requests back for you.

And then, in a twinkling, I clicked the last roof,
The stable was finished right to the last hoof!
I poured some more coffee and watched for the next round
But from my speakers there came not a sound.

A pop-up was showing a new Golden Elf,
I smiled when I saw it inspite of myself.
"Merry Christmas from FarmVille" was all that it said,
I found myself wondering what quest was ahead.

I spoke not a word, but went back to the work,
Of planting and gifting, and I gave a shirk.
I planted my trees in nice even rows,
That's when it happened....FarmVille froze.

I sprang from my chair, clenched my fist, gave a whistle,
My 'click' finger hurt like it hit on a thistle.
I was heard to exclaim as I logged out for the night,
"For Christmas dear Zynga, I want it done right!"

And if you think someone writing a near-dozen stanza X'mas parody for a Facebook game is awesome, go check out last year's Twelve Days of Christmas: FarmVille Edition.

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