FarmVille Mystery Game (12/4/11): Silver and gold animals take the stage

Is it just me, or does every mention of "Silver and Gold" bring about memories of the 1964 version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Even if that's just me, I'm left humming that song in my head yet again, as this week's FarmVille Mystery Game has updated to include a set of silver and gold colored animals. This week's game costs 20 Farm Cash, but if you have any left-over darts from giveaways or redeeming Zynga Cards, of course you can use those to receive some animals for free.

As for the prizes this week, again, they're silver and gold in color, and while not all of them scream "Christmas" or even "Winter" when you look at them, they're still neat additions to your collection (assuming you collect animals, that is). Here's what's available to win:

Golden Bell Reindeer
Golden Dragon
Golden Pony
Golden Unicorn
Silver Bell Horse
Silver Fox

If you manage to win all six animals (remember, you could easily end up with duplicates, which would make this a much more expensive process), you'll walk away with a free Golden Phoenix as your seventh prize. This Phoenix actually isn't an "animal" in terms of the technical aspects of the game, as it's instead a decoration that can't be harvested. It will look neat on your farm, however.

As usual, this set of animals will only be available i the game for the next week, so make sure to throw your darts now to have the best chance of winning all seven items if that's your goal. Free darts have been released fairly frequently as of late, so we'll make sure to let you know when you next free chance at playing the Mystery Game comes around.

Will you play this week's Mystery Game? Which of the six animals are you hoping to win? Will you try to win all six? Let us know in the comments.