FarmVille: Discover Cashback Bonus Castle available now

As promised, we're here with another update on the Discover cross-promotion that's taking place in FarmVille this month, and have some great news! The final free item - the Cashback Bonus Castle - is now available in the game. All you have to do to claim this large building is login to the game and visit Winter Wonderland.

If you've already visited the Discover Farm to receive your free Discover Yeti, you might not even have to visit the Discover Farm a second time. Just make sure to head into your Gift Box both before and after visiting the Discover Farm and search for the Cashback Bonus Castle (yes, that's its real name) to see if it's there. This Castle is themed appropriately for Winter Wonderland, as it's made entirely of ice, save for the orange flags that fly from its towers and the snow that covers its hard edges.

This Castle will only be available in the game through December 14, so while that gives you plenty of time to make sure you claim one for yourself, it also gives you plenty of time to forget it exists! Make sure you claim it sooner, rather than later so that you don't miss out on this exclusive themed item!

Have you already claimed your free Discover Cashback Bonus Castle? Which of the items in this Discover cross promotion has been your favorite? Sound off in the comments.