Empires & Allies Strike Teams: Eliminate Invaders with a single click

If you've ever felt uneasy about the possibility of other players, or even NPCs attacking and invading your island(s) in Empires & Allies, you now have the supplies necessary to strike back with more than adequate force via a new feature that is now rolling out to players: Strike Teams. Strike Teams come in three flavors (more on that later) but all serve a similar purpose: to immediately clear an Invasion (or all Invasions, depending on the team) from your island, rewarding you in the process.

First things first, you'll need to build a Strike Team HQ in your empire to access this feature. From the inside of this building, you can select one of three kinds of Strike Teams. You're only allowed to send out "Ambush" teams at first, with those teams removing a single Invasion from your land. Once this is done five times, you'll unlock Mind Control Strike Teams. Deploy ten total Strike Teams and you'll unlock the final version - Total Ambush. Here are the specifics of each:

Ambush - Removes a single enemy Invasion. Rewards you with 3x the payout that the invader received when they attacked you.

Mind Control - Removes a single enemy Invasion. Rewards you with 3x the payout that the invader received, and the same units that they used to invade you will now counter-invade their own land.

Total Ambush - Removes all enemy Invasions on your entire map. Rewards you with 4x the payout your invader received when they attacked you. You'll receive this 4x payout bonus for each individual invasion you clear in this way.

Before you can launch a Strike Team, you'll need to ask for your friends' help in assembling them. Unfortunately, this seems to negate the usefulness of the feature a bit (as it slows down the entire process), unless your invader was so overpowered that you have no way of defeating them yourself.

There's the possibility of a fourth Strike Team (and beyond) being launched in the game, as we can see from the in-game menu above. Just how much more deadly those teams will become (or how much more profitable they will be for you) remains to be seen, but we'll make sure to let you know when they launch in the future.

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Strike Team feature in Empires & Allies? Will you continue to do battle with Invaders, or will you take the time to build these Strike Teams to eliminate them with a single click? Sound off in the comments.