CityVille The Mighty Pucks Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

If you're ready for a fast-paced goal in CityVille, then take to the ice and help Paul teach some kids how to play hockey in the game's newest timed goal: The Mighty Pucks (a reference to the Mighty Ducks, of course). This newest timed goal is open to users Level 50 or above, and it has just a two day time limit for the Gold Trophy (and the top prize). Here's how to get things done - and fast!

Gather 16 Hockey Sticks
Send 75 Tour Buses
Collect from 4 Grade Schools

You'll need to ask your friends for the Hockey Sticks, and while you're waiting for your friends' help, you can visit their towns to send Tour Buses to their businesses. The Grade School requirement might slow you down a bit, unless you have more than one school in your town, in which case the two-day time limit shouldn't really be a factor.

If you can complete these three tasks within 48 hours, or two days, you'll receive the Gold Trophy, 10,000 coins and the Frozen Lake decoration. This Frozen Lake offers a 27% payout bonus to surrounding homes and buildings, and if it looks familiar to you, that's because it was originally available to purchase in the game's store for 35 City Cash.

If you can't finish this goal within the first two days, but finish in under 72 hours, you'll receive the Silver Trophy, 7,500 coins and 5 energy, while finishing at any time after that will give you just the Bronze Trophy and 5,000 coins. There doesn't seem to be a time limit for when you need to start this goal in your city, but as it's themed to winter, I wouldn't expect it to stick around long after the season passes. If you have any interest in the Frozen Lake, make sure to start and finish this goal now while you still can.

What do you think of this Mighty Pucks timed goal? Do you think you'll be able to finish all three tasks within two days for the ultimate prizes? Sound off in the comments.