CityVille City Music Hall: Everything you need to know

Remember Alexi? He was CityVille's resident dance instructor, and he's back again for the holiday season to prepare a production of the Nutcracker in your town. Of course, you'll need a new place to hold this grand event, so welcome the City Music Hall to your game! The City Music Hall is a fairly complex feature, and it comes with its own version of a Timed Goal.

First things first, you'll need to be at least Level 34 to access the City Music Hall (and its goal) in your game. The goal for this feature is called "A Night at the Ballet," and it's represented by a Nutcracker in your goal list on the left side of the screen. The tasks for completing it are simple:

Place the City Music Hall
Complete City Music Hall

This is a goal similar to most every Community Building goal we see released in the game, but here you're being timed. This is a voluntary time limit however, so you won't actually be required to finish the building before the time is up to keep it. However, if you can rush through and complete the building within seven days (for the Gold Trophy), you'll receive a very special reward for your efforts.

To be specific, the Gold Trophy rewards you with the Chekhov Estate, a home that offers a whopping 2,500 citizens to start, and can be upgraded to 4,500 citizens via random population boosts when collecting its rent. Speaking of, the rent for this one is 500 coins every 24 hours. If you can't finish the goal within that time frame, you'll also have a chance at 50,000 coins and 1,000 Goods at the Silver Trophy level or just 25,000 coins for the Bronze Trophy.

So how do you actually complete the City Music Hall? Well, this one is split into three different requirements, similar to the Tonga Tower or French Riviera Casino (I told you it was complex). You'll need to collect building materials to finish the actual building's construction, along with two other tasks:

Gather Parts
Master Either the Theater Prop Shop or Nutcracker Shop to Level 3
Master Peanuts to Level 2

Peanuts take 20 hours to grow on their own, so if you haven't started mastering that particular crop just yet, you'll definitely want to work ahead on that task before ever activating this City Music Hall timed goal in your game (that is, just the first star of mastery takes 50 harvests, so it's a time consuming process to be sure).

As for the Nutcracker Shop or Theater Prop Shop, both of these cost coins in the game's store. the Nutcracker Shop costs 7,200 coins and requires 180 Goods to operate, while the Theater Prop Shop costs 6,100 coins and requires 150 Goods to operate. Both of these Businesses require you to collect and supply them 150 times (in total) to reach Level 3. Again, since these two businesses are available to purchase within the game's store without having actually started this goal in your game, you'll want to work on upgrading them before putting yourself under the time limit of the Night at the Ballet goal.

Finally, as for the building parts for the actual City Music Hall, you'll need to collect 40 in all:

  • 8 Nuts

  • 8 Nutcrackers

  • 8 Ballet Slippers

  • 8 Snowy Trees

  • 8 Sugar Plums

These items are earned through a combo of general news feed posts and individual requests sent to friends. Only after you've collected all of these building materials, have mastered the Peanuts and have upgraded one of the two businesses will you actually be able to complete the City Music Hall in your town. And remember, to receive the special Chekhov Estate, you'll need to do every step of the above within just seven days.

If there were ever a time to plan your actions ahead of time, this is definitely it. You can complete the heavy lifting of this feature (the crop mastery and building upgrades) before ever starting the countdown in your game, leaving with you extra time to focus on nothing but collecting the 40 building ingredients above. Do yourself a favor and plan this one ahead of time before starting the clock. You'll have a much better chance of receiving that awesome house if you do.

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this City Music Hall event? Will you build this new Community Building in your town right away, or will you plan ahead and try to master the Peanuts and upgrade your Theater Prop Shop / Nutcracker Shop ahead of time? Sound off in the comments.