9 Steps To Landing A Job [Infographic]

job interview tipsAs the current job market continues to prove, competition among job seekers remains stiff. More than 14 million Americans are looking for work, so securing an interview in itself is reason to celebrate.

To get the job, however, applicants need to impress hiring managers on several levels, and the key to accomplishing that is to be prepared.

Where to begin? Start by doing some research on the company by turning to the Internet. A company's website provides bountiful information about the company's products, services and history. Knowing just a bit about an employer's business will show hiring managers that you can be counted on to take initiative.

It also pays to know a bit about the people who will interview you. Here, the social-media website LinkedIn can help out, providing background and other information about people in the company that can help you keep the conversation rolling should a lull enter the conversation during the interview.

Another social media site, Twitter, can help keep you up-to-date on any company news, which can also help in maintaining conversational flow and impressing hiring managers with your knowledge of the business.

For these and other tips on how to prepare for interview, check out these tips from Rasmussen College, a private career college.

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