CityVille Holiday Carousel: Everything you need to know


While we haven't seen a Christmas/Winter-themed collection event start in CityVille just yet, we have seen another Community Building released in the game, which should do well to occupy a bit of your time while we're all waiting. This Community Building isn't actually a "building" at all, but a ride - the Holiday Carousel. It is available to users Level 15 or higher, and it is actually unavailable to purchase in the store. Instead, you'll receive it from the pop-up containing the image at right, and can place it for free. If you decide that now's not the right time to build this new Carousel, you can remove it from your town, but it will go back into your inventory for safe-keeping.

If you decide to jump into the build right away, you'll need to spend six energy on constructing its frame, and can then go to work asking your friends for 20 building materials to finish it. You'll need:

  • 4 Carousel Lights

  • 4 Carousel Horses

  • 4 Carousel Tickets

  • 4 Hot Cocoa

  • 4 Turnstyles

These items are earned through a combo of individual friend requests or through general wall posts on your news feed. Once the Carousel has been built, your town's maximum population cap will increase by 700 citizens. This Carousel hasn't been released with any default upgrades, so that's the most you'll receive from this building for now. That's not a very large boost, all things considered, but if you're ready to get into the Christmas Spirit and have a bit of room to spare in your town, this is definitely a festive addition that you won't want to miss.

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What do you think of the Holiday Carousel in CityVille? Have you received one to place in your town yet, or are you still waiting? Will you build this one right away, or will you put it off for another time? Sound off in the comments.