Adventure World Ancient Forge Expedition: Everything you need to know

Continuing in our look at the Indiana Jones, Calendar of the Sun quest line in Adventure World comes Ancient Forge, the fourth Expedition in the series, immediately following Lunar Mine. This Expedition sees you gathering crystal shards to help make the Celestial Compass, but you'll first need to have 400 Supplies along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water to begin. You'll have another five days to finish this Expedition (like all of the others), and while you can technically complete more than one of these Expeditions at a time, I'd suggest tackling just one at once, since you'll likely need to use all of your daily friend requests in each one. Here's a look at what to expect in Ancient Forge, and how to finish it.

The Celestial Compass
  • Collect 30 Rare Crystals
  • Use a Crystal Block to Push it onto the Switch
  • Use the Ancient Forge to Craft the Celestial Compass

By the time you reach this fourth map in a volcano, it's expected that you've already completed all three Expeditions before, so if you see references to items you haven't actually collected yet, don't fret. The Crystal Block is on the right side of the map, and must be pushed onto a pressure switch, similar to how you've seen before with other blocks.

As for the Rare Crystals, you'll find them inside Crystal Shards, or groups of small pink crystals that lie flush with the map, or within Crystalized Lava Rocks. If you're ever lost for where your next Crystal will be, just head into the quest window and click on the "Show Me" button. To actually retrieve the crystals from the Lava Rocks, you'll need to push blocks off of the cliffs, via pathways that you'll see on the map. To finish out your collection of Crystals, keep opening crates that are located around the map and you should eventually receive enough.

Raiding Party
  • Investigate 10 Crates
  • Collect 10 Spare Parts

Crates are scattered around the map, although you might have to turn off vent switches, defeat snakes or remove other debris to find them. If you can't find your next one (or group of them, as the case might be), remember to click on the "Show Me" butto in the quest window above. As for the Spare Parts, these two are found on the map - just look for items that look out of place and interact with them to collect them.

Forrestal's Motive
  • Ask for 15 Journal Pages
  • Recover Forrestal's Journal

These Journal Pages come from your friends, as you'll ask them for help via individual requests. The rest of his journal itself is found later on in the map (from the base camp where you receive this quest), behind a Crystalized Lava Rock that must be moved.

When you finish this final Expedition, you'll have successfully completed the Celestial Compass, and will be ready to move on to the fifth and final Expedition in the Calendar of the Sun series. We'll bring you a look at that final Expedition just as soon as we can, so keep checking back with us!

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Are you excited about finishing this Calendar of the Sun campaign, or do you wish it would go on forever so long as Indy stuck around? Sound off in the comments.
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