FarmVille: Latest survey hints at fifth farm in tropical Hawaii

Here's something that will probably blow your mind: Winter Wonderland has just barely launched within FarmVille (and only then if you've actually paid for access), and yet we're already seeing rumblings of a potential fifth farm. How can this be possible? Well, there are no confirmed details thus far, but if you access the current survey that shows up underneath your FarmVille gameplay area (the window says "Please let us know how you feel about FarmVille!"), you'll be taken to a survey that asks for your opinions on said tropical farm.

We've seen surveys in the past, before the launch of the three expansion farms in the game - English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove and Winter Wonderland - so it only makes sense that we'd see another survey gauging users' thoughts on a potential fifth farm. To be specific, we're given a hypothetical situation: "FarmVille takes a trip to the tropics!" and are asked to choose between two names for this new farm: FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise or FarmVille Hawaii.

It's interesting that we see such a specific geographical location in the names of this farm, but it's likely that we might see something a big more generic in the final naming. What's really important in this survey, though, is that it continues on to give us a list of different animals that would fit inside an "Ocean Animal Pen" on this farm, and we're asked to rate each animal based on how much we like it. There are sharks, dolphins, whales, turtles, jelly fish, seahorses, seals and even starfish to choose from - almost 20 choices in all, which gives some pretty hefty weight to the idea that this farm probably isn't just an idea, but that it's likely already in development.

Another question gives us a look at potential limited edition item themes that would be released either in association with this farm, or just in celebration of its launch. We see things like Watersports, the Coral Reef and even Gilligan's Island as potential themes, along with a list of expected items that would come in those themes (like gnomes, a luau stage or even dinosaurs).

This is an absolutely huge deal, whether you actively farm or play on all four of the game's current farms or not. As we see the world continue to expand, we see greater potential for Mastery Signs (Tree, Crop and Animal), Sheep and Pig Breeding patterns, Gnomes and Horses and so on being available for players to add to their collections. Sure, it also allows Zynga to make more money by charging Farm Cash for access (or just charging for specific items), but isn't having more variety better than not having enough? I'm personally stoked to learn more about this tropical, fifth farm that's apparently coming to FarmVille, and we'll make sure to let you know as we learn more about its existence / launch.

[Image Credit: Best Vacations]

What about you? Are you excited to think that we might have a fifth farm quickly coming to FarmVille? Do you actively use the four farms you have now (assuming you've already accessed Winter Wonderland), or do you think a fifth farm would just be a waste? Sound off in the comments.