Empires & Allies Wrath of the Titans: Everything you need to know

Forget everything you know about the threats facing your island(s) in Empires & Allies. A darker and more sinister enemy has emerged, threatening to wipe out the entire world if we don't act quickly to stop it! An army of a million Titan Mechs has started attacking each and every player in the game, and it's up to all of us - that's right, every player in the game - to combine our efforts and put an end to their invasion before they can wipe out all civilized life (in the game, of course) in just 11 days!

This new event is called Wrath of the Titans, and it sees every player working to complete a series of missions to destroy a cumulative pool of Titan Mechs. As of this writing, around 363,000 Mechs remain. This event is split up into eight different sections, or missions, requiring you to collect various items to learn more about the Titans, and to actually fight and defeat Titans themselves.

You'll be tasked with completing each mission individually, or you can unlock the next missions with Empire Points if you'd like to skip ahead. The first goal, for instance, has you gathering 10 Recon Images and 10 Scientific Analyses form your friends, along with actually fighting and defeating a Titan.

A Titan itself has three sections to defeat - two machine gun arms and the core. You can select your theater (Air, Land or Sea), depending on the types and strength of troops you're most comfortable using, and can then go to town on these Mechs, even throwing power-ups at them if you'd like a better chance of survival. You're warned within the game that these are the hardest enemies you've faced in the game to date, so make sure to take these battles seriously when planning your attack. You won't want to needlessly waste troops because you went in unprepared.

If you can complete the eight missions within the 11 day time period, you'll receive three Bat Ray Patrol Boats. These units have 450 Strength Points each, making them a force to be reckoned with in and of themselves - it's just a good thing those are on our side! It's likely that if this event goes over well, we'll see more game-wide events, and we'll make sure to let you know if that does end up being the case.

What do you think of this Wrath of the Titans event? Have you had any success defeating Titan Mechs in your own game, or are they too strong for your current troop lineup? Sound off in the comments.