CityVille Wind Farms: Everything you need to know

If your energy cap in CityVille still isn't big enough, even after building and maintaining a Dam for just that purpose (that is, to increase your energy cap), you now have the chance to raise your energy cap by up to five points more via another power source: Wind Farms. Wind Farms are available to every player that is at least level 46 in the game, and, similar to the Dam, there will be a specific location in your town where the Wind Farm will be located, although that location may vary from player to player.

Once you spot the Wind Farm in your game, you will be required to expand your land in order to reach it (that's why its location varies, as each user may have expanded into different areas on the map), but once you do reach it, you'll be able to move it around freely to a position that works better for your town's design.

After you unlock the holding your Wind Farm, you'll need to collect building materials to finish it:

  • 14 Windmill Brakes

  • 14 Windmill Petitions

  • 14 Windmill Blades

  • 14 Windmill Towers

  • 14 Windmill Windvanes

These items are earned through a combination of individual friend requests and general wall posts.
Once you complete the Wind Farm, you'll be able to supply it once every 12 hours to increase your maximum energy. The first time you supply it, you'll receive a +1 bonus on your maximum energy cap. That is, if your current maximum energy is 30 points, it would then go up to 31 points. You'll earn another +1 bonus for the first five times you supply your Wind Farm, for the maximum boost of five more energy points in your bar.

You'll need to continually supply your Wind Farm to keep that boost, and if you miss doing so for a 24 hour period, you'll lose a single bonus energy. This would continue for four more days until you eventually went back down to your original cap. To be clear, you can never go below the energy cap that you started with, as you're simply playing with five entire separate energy points in this feature. As another clarification, the actions that you perform to the Wind Farm can't affect your Dam and vice versa. If you stop supplying one, but continue to supply the other, you'll just receive the bonus energy from the currently active item. Keep them both active, however, and you'll have 12 extra energy points in your cap at all times.

There are also goals that go along with this Wind Farm feature, and we'll make sure to bring you a complete guide to those goals as soon as we can - keep checking back!you can check out our complete guide to finishing those goals right here!

What do you think of the Wind Farm feature in CityVille? Do you keep up with supplying your Dam, or is this just another feature you'll ignore in favor of saving Goods for regular businesses? Sound off in the comments.