CityVille: Login now for free Birthday Cake!

What's better than a giant birthday cake? How about one that offers a boost to your city's payouts in CityVille? In honor of the game's first birthday, you can now login to your town to receive a free Birthday Cake, which will be placed directly in your inventory. This bright cake is fairly large, but offers a 5% boost in payouts of surrounding businesses and homes.

If a bright pink and yellow cake isn't your thing, and you want something a bit more substantial (or just want to give your town some "bling"), you can also head into the game's store to purchase either the Silver Birthday Cake or the Golden Birthday Cake. Both cost City Cash, with the Silver option costing 25 City Cash and the Golden cake costing 50 City Cash. There's a reason for the difference in prices, however, as the Silver Birthday Cake offers just a 25% payout bonus, while the Golden cake offers a whopping 100% boost to surrounding businesses and homes. That means if you place it next to a building that normally pays 500 coins (by default), then you'll suddenly receive 1,000 coins instead! If you place this next to a high-earning business, and keep that business stocked with Goods, you could increase substantially increase your daily profits, which is never a bad thing. Of course, its initial purchase price might sting a bit...

Either way, you'll want to make sure and check out these cakes within the next six days, before they leave the store. As for the free option? It's likely that it has the same time limit, so if you've yet to visit your town, do so in a hurry. Even if you don't receive an in-game pop-up telling you you've received the free option, make sure to check your inventory to see if it's there. Now won't you join me in wishing a very happy first birthday to CityVille?

Have you claimed your free Birthday Cake in CityVille? Will you purchase either of the premium cakes, or is this free version enough to last you until the game's next birthday? Sound off in the comments.