Zynga gets real, aims for third place among EA, Activision Blizzard

FarmVille stock
FarmVille stock

Zynga sure talked a big game earlier this summer with an estimated valuation of anywhere between $11.5 and $20 billion, but perhaps it spoke too soon. According to its most recent S-1 filing with the US Security and Exchanges Commission (SEC), Zynga now expects to value at between $5.9 and $7 billion when it goes public on the Nasdaq as early as Dec. 12. However, the company looks to initially raise a bit more than it previously expected: $1.15 billion when it debuts under the ticker "ZNGA".

The company still expects to price its shares between $8.50 and $10, with 699.4 million total shares. While the company does plan to raise more than previously reported, this brings the FarmVille maker back down to reality somewhat. The four-year-old company originally expected to be worth more than even Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard's $14 billion and EA's $7 billion. But with a projected valuation--the expected total worth of a company based on several factors--starting at $5.9 billion, neither will happen.

Zynga lowered the valuation due to poor market conditions, according to Inside Social Games. It appears that the company's IPO roadshow is already underway, as Zynga has posted a 30-minute video detailing the entire presentation. Within the presentation, Zynga focused on its growth in the mobile arena, with 11.1 million daily players across iOS and Android, among other things. Check it out right here.

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