Sims Medieval for iPhone: Now available for the low price of free

sims medieval iphone low price of free
sims medieval iphone low price of free

It's time get Medieval, Sims-style, and, today, you can do it for free. The Sims Medieval for iPhone lets you create a virtual hero and then take on a series of medieval era quests, like dueling or... wizardry! The game normally costs $4.99 and until midnight (EST) tonight, you can snag it for free. As in nada, zilch, zip.

This deal is the first of many EA Mobile's new Daily Deals program, which kicks off today through January 2, and iOS and Android games will be offered for free or at a steep discount. Deals change daily and run from 9 a.m. PST 12 p.m. EST, and you can check EA's Daily Deals site, well, daily to see what other deep discounts await.

In addition to this Sims game aimed at renaissance fair regulars, the driving game Shift 2 Unleashed for iPhone and iPad are also free today. Battlefield Bad Company 2 for iPad is 50% off and NBA Jam for iPad is 60% off. It's not a bad way to build your mobile phone gaming library without breaking the bank.

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