Pocket God players have sacrificed 129,770,223 pygmies on Facebook

Pocket God 1 million playersTo put that into perspective, that's over a third of the population of the United States. Pocket God has welcomed its 1 millionth player, and Canadian social game developer Frima Studio has decided to celebrate by putting together an infographic displaying the game's quirkier milestones. (Though, we're sure the team had a party.) What did you expect from a developer that throws a unicorn that farts destructive rainbows into its game?

Since the game's release around this time last year, one third of all sacrifices in the game ended up with pygmies drowning, while lightning has struck 12,963,796 pygmies. The volcano, however, has only erupted about 3 million times. Considering how fun it is to launch pygmies to their certain, fiery death, we thought that figure would be much larger. At any rate, you people have killed a lot of pygmies.

And the majority of you hail from the good ol' US of A, according to Frima Studio. While the game has opened its realm of pygmy-pulverizing possibilities to 1 million players, Pocket God has just 180,000 monthly players. It strikes us as odd (and infuriating, really), because Frima Studio's take on the hit iOS game is one of the more inventive Facebook games out there. So, to you 20,000 some daily players: Keep on doing what you do, and check out your accomplishments below.

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Pocket God Facebook infographic
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