Pioneer Trail Holiday Hogknocker Timed Goals: Everything you need to know

As another way to lead into the holiday season in Pioneer Trail, you'll be greeted by Pioneer Jack, who is on the hunt for the legendary Hogknocker, a massive pig that will apparently make for a great Christmas ham on the dinner table. Ignoring for a moment that these goals deal with hunting and killing the poor thing, you'll be able to go through three separate timed goals, with there being level requirements along the way. For the first two goals, you'll need to be level 22 or above, while the third goal requires you to be level 90 or higher (quite a jump, wouldn't you say?).

As of this writing, only Part I of this feature is actually available, and is rolling out to users' games. It's called "That's Some Pig," and it must be accepted in your game by December 3. That's tomorrow, if you're keeping track, so make sure to accept it in your game as soon as you can! You'll have five days to finish this first timed goal, and here's how to do just that.

That's Some Pig
  • Harvest 100 Wheat on your Homestead
  • Find 25 Fuzzy Peaches
  • Collect 15 Holiday Slops

You'll need to ask your friends for the Holiday Slop, and can do the same for the Fuzzy Peaches. You can also earn Fuzzy Peaches by harvesting Peach Trees on your Homestead. As for the Wheat, it takes a full day to harvest, giving you plenty of time to wait for your friends to send you those items (since you have five full days to complete the goal, after all). Finishing this first timed goal gives you 500 XP and a Hogknocker Crate.

Again, as of this writing, only Part I is available in the game. Even if you complete it well before the five day time limit has expired, you won't be able to move on to Part II until Zynga decides to launch it in the game. However, we do know what to expect from these two timed goals. Here's a look at them, so you can prepare for when they do launch.

The Trouble with Truffles
  • Tend 60 Adult Spotted Pigs
  • Collect 25 Truffles
  • Collect 30 Hog Calls

Spotted Pigs are unlocked after mastering pigs to Level 1. If you've yet to master Level 1 of the original pig, this gives you plenty of time to do so (and grow some Spotted Pigs to adulthood) before ever being put on a timer for this second goal. Pretty convenient, right? Once you finish this goal, you'll be given 1,000 XP, another Hogknocker Crate and the Hogkocker Pig himself - a cute pig wearing a colorful winter hat.

For this third goal, remember that you must be at least Level 90 to access it. This will all but entirely eliminate the possibility for many users to be able to complete it (as it doesn't appear to be a permanent addition to the game). However, it looks to be quite the challenge, so if you've leveled up this far in the game, you're going to have to work for your rewards.

Bringing Home the Bacon
  • Harvest 50 Super Corn
  • Sell 75 Adult Giant Hogs on your Homestead
  • Collect 50 Holiday Hog Tracks

See? I told you it would be difficult. Super Corn on its own is available to purchase from the store for 1 Horseshoe per square, but you may have some seeds in your inventory from past goals / news feed rewards. If you can finish all three of these tasks in what looks to be another five day time limit, you'll receive a whopping 25,000 XP (yes, that's 25 thousand), a Hogknocker Crate and a Hogknocker Mount - a rideable pig that you can use to replace the Horse your avatar is currently riding.

There's also a new collection to complete with this feature - the Hogknocker Collection that gives you a Hogknocker Piglet and 50 XP for completing it. You can earn the five items necessary to complete this collection by opening Hogknocker Crates or by feeding Hogknocker Pigs.

We'll make sure to update this space when the second and third goals in the Holiday Hogknocker series launch, but for now, why not get started on Part I? You only have a limited amount of time to even accept the goal, so make sure you don't miss out!

What do you think of these Holiday Hogknocker Goals? Are you level 90, or anywhere close? Do you think it's fair that a goal be limited to such a high level / group of users? Let us know in the comments.
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