FarmVille: Visit Discover's Farm for free Discover Yeti

Yesterday, Discover and Zynga launched a series of themed, Discover Card goals in FarmVille, introducing us to a friendly orange Yeti that just wants help using his Discover Card to purchase Christmas presents for his friends. Via those goals - you can check out our full guide right here - you'll earn an "It Pays to Discover Tree," but what if you wanted the Yeti itself? Thankfully, you can now have one such Yeti by visiting the new Discover Card farm in your game.

The Discover Farm is now your very first "neighbor" on your friends list. By visiting it, you'll find a smaller version of a standard Winter Wonderland farm that's been buried in piles and piles of snow. With the click of a button, the Yeti drops down and magically makes the snow disappear, revealing the themed farm underneath. You'll receive the Discover Yeti in your Gift Box for your troubles, and are told to visit Discover's Facebook fan page to learn how you can unlock more rewards. Of course, we'll save you the trouble.

The only other prize listed on the Discover fan page is a Cashback Bonus Castle, but exactly how and when we'll be able to get our hands on this Castle remains to be seen. It can be assumed that the Castle will be made available after the Yeti, which will leave the game (as a prize anyway) on December 6. Either way, we'll keep an eye on things and will let you know as soon as you can claim a Cashback Bonus Castle for yourself.

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Have you claimed your Discover Yeti yet? How far have you made it into the Discover Card goals in your farm? Sound off in the comments.