FarmVille Pic of the Day: Annielapierre gets her farm ready for ... Halloween?

farmville annielapierre featured farm
farmville annielapierre featured farm

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Perhaps Annielapierre didn't get the memo that Halloween is long gone. Personally, I'm glad she didn't, because this festive farm design is a beauty that deserves a closer look..

Annielapierre's FarmVille design seems to be a Halloween town of sorts. Roads connect impeccably decorated, spooky houses lined with fences and other items. Creative crop and tree patterns can be found all over the design. Closer inspection reveals that Annielapierre obviously thought through the placement of every single item on this farm. My favorite elements of the design are the spooky clearing in the trees to the south, and the cute Halloween house to the west. Overall, I'm happy Annielapierre chose to share this farm, rather than wait until next year.

What do you think of this better-late-than-never Halloween farm?

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