Cafe World Kid's Night Goals: Everything you need to know

While you still have four days to finish the Fall Feast feature in Cafe World, if you've already moved past all that, you can now move onto a goal series that's perfect for the kiddies. Kid's Night is an eight part goal series that contains the same basic principles of all goal sets: you'll need to cook a lot of dishes (in this case some random dishes) and ask your friends to send you a lot of items, but in this case, they're all themed towards children. Here's a guide to completing these eight goals.

As a reminder, this goal series contains some random dishes, so there's unfortunately no way to predict which dishes each and every user will have to cook. Just keep in mind that if you finish all eight goals, your overall cooking time should be incredibly similar to that of other players.

Kid's Night

  • Ask for 6 Kid's Menus

  • Serve Macaroni and Cheese 35 Times

  • Serve 40 Dishes

Remember, any of these "ask for" tasks have you asking your friends to send you items, while the dishes tasks simply require you to cook those dishes before moving on. You can spice them if you'd like to reduce or even eliminate their cooking times entirely, or you can wait for your dishes to cook the old-fashion way. There doesn't look to be a time limit for when you'll need to complete these goals, so feel free to not rush.

Smash Hit

  • Ask for 10 Balloons

  • Ask for 6 Crayon Boxes

  • Serve 40 Dishes

Your reward for this goal is a new recipe: Hotdog Mac and Cheese. That sounds like something a kid would eat, right? Heck, I think I'd eat it too!

Oldie But Goodie

  • Ask for 6 Cheese Wheels

  • Master Hotdog Mac and Cheese through Level 1

  • Serve 50 Dishes


  • Ask for 6 Dinosaur Shaped Cutters

  • Serve 45 Dishes

  • Ask for 10 Chicken Breasts

If the ingredients didn't give it away, you'll receive a fun new recipe for completing this one: the Dino Chicken Nuggets.

Ant Invasion

  • Ask for 10 Stalks of Celery

  • Master Dino Chicken Nuggets through Level 1

  • Master Hotdog Mac and Cheese through Level 2

Your reward for this goal is a healthy snack for the kids: Ants on a Log (don't worry - it's just raisins and peanut butter on top of celery).

Almost Showtime

  • Ask for 7 Coloring Books

  • Master Ants on a Log through Level 1

  • Ask for 12 Kid Plates

Kids Eat Free

  • Master Dino Chicken Nuggets through Level 2

  • Ask for 12 Streamers

  • Master Ants on a Log to Level 2

The Kid's Win!

  • Ask for 6 Boxes of Macaroni

  • Ask for 13 Chocolate Bars

  • Earn 500,000 coins

By this point, you've reached the end of the Kid's Night goal series, and will receive one more recipe for your trouble: Chocolate Pudding. If you're wondering what Macaroni has to do with pudding, we're told in the story that after dessert, the kids will take part in making some macaroni art. How fun!

Again, there doesn't appear to be a time limit on these goals, so feel free to work on other things (perhaps a catering order that you're being timed on).

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