Adventure World Lunar Mine Expedition: Everything you need to know

As we make our way deeper into the Calendar of the Sun series in Adventure World, we've seen an increase in the difficulty of these Expeditions. After making your way through Jungle Approach and Mystery of the Moon Door, you'll be left with tackling Lunar Mine, where you'll collect bits of strange ore for the Celestial Compass, and learn more about your competition in the process (that competition being other adventurers hoping to strike it rich before you and Indiana Jones). For Lunar Mine, you'll need to have at least 250 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water to begin. You can bring five friends in on this Expedition with you for free energy and will have five days to finish the quests within it. Here's a guide to doing just that.

Strange Ore

  • Ask for 10 Stone Cogs

  • Use 5 Seismograph Machines to Find Strange Ore

  • Collect 15 Strange Ore

First things first, the Stone Cogs are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a general news item that you place on your wall. Since you're in a mine, there are tons of rocks scattered about, that you can destroy with your pick axe; however, only certain stones will contain Strange Ore, while others will simply waste your energy in clearing them. As you collect the Stone Cogs, you'll be able to activate Seismograph Machines placed around the map that will show you the rocks that contain the ore, so you won't waste energy on those empty rocks.

The Competition

  • Ask for 10 Ciphers

  • Use 5 Telegrams to Translate the Ciphers

  • Use Radios to Intercept Transmissions

To learn more about the other treasure hunters, you'll need to study the items they left behind. In this case, you'll find telegrams scattered around the map, but will need to ask your friends for Ciphers via individual requests in order to actually "use" those telegrams. The Radios are also found at various locations around the map, although they might be guarded by spiders (since you're in a cave), mine train carts that need to moved or traps that need to be disarmed.

Out of Time

  • Collect the Ancient Marajoara Vase

  • Collect the Ancient Conquistador Armor

  • Collect the Pristine Marajoara Vase

  • Collect the Pristine Conquistador Armor

Apparently, the Calendar of the Sun and Celestial Compass have something to do with the progress of time and space, which could explain why the previous two Expeditions in the series saw you collecting previously extinct birds or plants. While the team is still confused as to what exactly is causing this time warp, you can gather a pair of or armor pieces or vases to try and fill in the blanks. Feel free to click on the "Show Me" button next to a particular item if you're having trouble spotting it on the map on your own. Just keep in mind that these pieces might be located in an out-of-the-way corner of the map that you may not otherwise even need to travel to.

Once you finish this third Calendar of the Sun Expedition, you will have officially reached the halfway point in the series. We'll continue to bring you guides on how to finish the other Expeditions in both the Calendar of the Sun story and in the main game itself, so keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of this Lunar Mine Expedition? Do you appreciate the increase in difficulty we've seen in these Indiana Jones Expeditions thus far, or would you prefer them all to be as easy as the first? Sound off in the comments.