Wait, so farming's cool again? The Sims Social falls to third place

The Sims Social falls
The Sims Social falls

Whelp, that was fun while it lasted. EA and Playfish's mega hit The Sims Social is now the third most popular game on Facebook, as the game dipped beneath Zynga's FarmVille, according to AppData. The Facebook app tracking service chalks this up to a loss of 500,000 monthly players in December along with 1.8 million daily players gone in the past week alone.

This leaves The Sims Social with 5.9 million daily players and 30.4 million monthly players, while Zynga's farming simulator gained 200,000 daily players within the last week leaving it with 7 million daily players. However, the game is just a hair above the game all about Littlehaven with 30.9 million monthly players. If you ask us, there are two reasons for this unfortunate switcheroo.

For one, the Winter Wonderland expansion just hit FarmVille for those willing to pay up the Farm Cash to get in, hence the 200,000 more daily players. (That sounds like an accurate number for those willing to fork up the $10.) Zynga is taking the holidays seriously this year in FarmVille, as Winter Wonderland is an entirely new farm for fans to play around in. And that's in addition to the torrent of holiday crops, animals and decorations that has already hit the game and will likely continue into Dec. 25 and beyond.

The Sims Social, on the other hand, hasn't seen a major content update on the scale of FarmVille's Winter Wonderland since its release this summer. Sure, the game has been updated with numerous tweaks, themes and contests, but perhaps those aren't enough to keep players' attention. A hefty chunk of The Sims Social players are Zynga fans, after all, and they can be a fickle bunch. If The Sims Social wants to see second place again, it's going to take more than themes and gameplay refinements.

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