FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Holiday Cookie Tree, Wreath Chicken and more

With tonight's FarmVille update, we see a slew of new items being released in the current Winter Holiday limited edition item theme. While these items would look great on your new Winter Wonderland farm, if you're waiting for free rides before heading to the game's new snow-covered farm, you can still purchase these items on your other farms, giving each of them a touch of the holiday spirit. Here's a look at what's available (hint: get your Farm Cash ready).


Holiday Cookie Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Big Holiday Cookie Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Snowflake II Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Big Snowflake II Tree - 14 Farm Cash

If it still needs to be said, remember that if you're a tree collector, you'll only need to purchase the first two trees in each pair, as the "big" versions of each can be earned for free from Mystery Seedlings grown either in your own Orchards, or claimed from friends.


Snowflake Mini Horse - 24 Farm Cash
Holiday Light Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Holiday Bell Ram - 16 Farm Cash
Wreath Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Mini Candycane Pony - 26 Farm Cash
Black Caribou - 2.5 million coins

Unfortunately, if you're an animal collector, you're in for a pretty expensive time with this release. Even the Black Caribou costs a pretty extreme amount of coins, if you don't save them up routinely.


Holiday Clock Shop - 15 Farm Cash

This building is a fairly small one, with just a few natural elements sitting around its base (a tree and some flowers). It's still a cute building, even though it's not very large, and at least its lower price tag matches its size.


Holiday Forest - 4 Farm Cash
Caroling Gnomes - 12 Farm Cash
Holiday Birdhouse - 50,000 coins

If you purchase nine of the items in this week's release (including all four trees), you'll also be given a free Cider Waterfall. Although, after all of the Farm Cash you've spent to earn it, it wouldn't exactly be free anymore... Either way, these items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. Remember, you can purchase them across all four farms, but if you want one item on each farm, you will have to purchase duplicates separately.

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What do you think of this newest batch of Winter Holiday items? Will you purchase them just for your Home Farm, or will you use them to further decorate your new Winter Wonderland farm? Sound off in the comments.