FarmVille Winter Holiday Crops: Gum Drop and Golden Poinsettia


Two limited edition crops have launched in FarmVille's marketplace, both of which are in the current Winter Holiday theme. One is more traditional, offering us a golden version of the classic Christmas flower the Poinsettia (appropriately, the crop is called Golden Poinsettia) while the other is more whimsical, coming in the form of Gum Drop candies.

Both of these crops are available to plant across farms (that is, they aren't limited to just the Winter Wonderland farm), but only the Golden Poinsettia is free to plant, as it costs coins. A single square of Golden Poinsettia costs 20 coins to plant and requires 16 hours to grow. You'll gain 4 XP for each square you plant and tend, and you'll gain 215 coins for each flower at harvest. The first star of mastery for this one comes at just 275 harvests.

As for the Gum Drops, this is a Farm Cash crop which can be unlocked for 10 Farm Cash. For that price, you'll receive a seven day permit to plant and harvest as many Gum Drops as you'd like. If you decide to purchase the crop permit, you'll earn 2 XP for each square grown and will earn 150 coins for each plot when you harvest these candies. This crop can also be mastered, with the first star coming after 400 harvests. If you do purchase this permit, feel free to plant extra squares on multiple farms so that you'll have the best chance of mastering it in the short week-long window you're given with this permit.

You'll have about a month to plant the Golden Poinsettias - 27 days, to be exact - while the Gum Drop permit will be available to purchase for the next 28 days. If you're hoping to receive Farm Cash as a Christmas present, that still gives you a few days to rush and master these Gum Drops, so keep that in mind. If you're worried about more limited edition crops launching within that time frame, however, you might want to purchase the permit now, only to be paid back later.

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What do you think of these two limited edition Winter Holiday crops? Will you pay 10 Farm Cash for the Gum Drop permit, or does its exclusive mastery sign not hold a draw for you? Sound off in the comments.