FarmVille Santa's Sleigh: Everything you need to know

Just yesterday, we brought you a sneak peek that Santa himself would be joining the Christmas festivities in FarmVille, and it has only taken him 24 hours to arrive! That's right, the big man in red has taken a break from his Christmas planning at the North Pole to make a visit to your farm via Santa's Sleigh... well, sort of. This is a new building project that's rolling out to users as we speak, and is available to build for free using parts from friends. Or, if you want to skip the technicalities, you can also purchase a complete Sleigh from the store for Farm Cash.

If you choose to go the free route, you'll be given a chance to place the frame for your Sleigh on the farm of your choosing for free. If you happen to load the game on a farm that you don't want the Sleigh to be on, just click on the Arrow tool in the bottom right corner of the screen before placing it. This places the Sleigh into your inventory so that you can freely switch farms and place Santa's Sleigh when and where you want.

As for finishing it, this Sleigh is comparable to the Polar Train Station within Winter Wonderland, as it comes with seven different levels, and can be upgraded by collecting more and more building materials. The first level requires the following:

  • 8 GPS

  • 8 Silver Bells

  • 8 Holiday Lights

These items can either be purchased for a single Farm Cash each, or you can ask your friends to send them to you via individual requests. As you start to build your Sleigh, you'll be frequently prompted to share ingredients with friends, so make sure to click on similar posts made by your friends for truly free parts.

Once you reach Level 4, you'll need to collect some different items, starting with 18 each of Milk and Cookie, Reindeer Treats and Holiday Cheer. These items are earned in the same way as the others.

As you continue to upgrade Santa's Sleigh, eventually reaching Level 7, you're not just making this item look prettier, but are also ensuring that you'll be able to harvest more Gifts from it when this year's Holiday Tree launches in the game. This is the first official mention we've seen of a Christmas Holiday Tree for FarmVille this year, so we'll make sure to stay on top of things and will let you know when that Tree launches. It could be any day, so start building Santa's Sleigh today!

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Are you excited to see Santa's Sleigh arrive in FarmVille, or are you more concerned with this year's Holiday Tree and the prizes you'll "win" in it? Sound off in the comments.