FarmVille Discover Card Goals: Everything you need to know

If you're ready to help a bright orange yeti find his credit card in FarmVille (I'm serious), you'll want to check out the new set of Discover Card goals that have launched in FarmVille this afternoon. While these goals have winter as their theme (the yeti has lost his Discover Card in the snow and ice), you can access them even if you haven't purchased access to Winter Wonderland. These Discover Card goals have a two week time limit, so you should have no problem finishing them all off. Plus, they're branded, which makes them inherently easier (after all, Zynga and Discover want as many people to complete them as possible, so our farms will be filled with promotional goodies). Here's how to complete them.

Yeti's Adventure Begins!

  • Get 3 Ice Picks

  • Harvest 100 Strawberries

  • Harvest 2 Sheep

These Ice Picks can be earned by posting a general request to your wall that all friends can click on. As for the Sheep, animals inside storage buildings do count, so feel free to click on a Sheep Pen or Livestock Pen to finish that task off fast. Finally, Strawberries take just four hours to harvest, so make sure to make a special note to come back to them quickly, before they wither. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 100 XP, 5,000 coins and a bright orange and white It Pays to Discover Tree (an orange tree with white garland and a Discover Card topper).

Yeti Goes Sledding into Town!

  • Get 3 Husky Treats

  • Harvest 1 It Pays to Discover Tree

  • Harvest 100 Peppermint

Husky Treats are another item you'll need to ask your friends to send you, while the It Pays to Discover Tree should be placed on one of your farms immediately after completing the first goal, so as to waste as little time as possible waiting for it to be ready to harvest. Sure, it's not as though you'll need a full two weeks to complete these goals anyway, but the quicker you complete them, the quicker you can walk away with your exclusive goodies and start to work on other things. Speaking of, the rewards for this goal are the Discover Restaurant, 100 XP and 5,000 coins.

Great Gifts for Yeti's Friends!

  • Get 3 Gift Bags

  • Harvest 100 Pumpkins

  • Place Discover Restaurant

This goal is fairly self-explanatory: just place the Discover Restaurant onto a farm out of your Gift Box, and ask your friends to send you the Gift Bags. Wait eight hours for the pumpkins to be ready and you'll finish off this third goal, rewarding you with 100 XP, 5,000 coins and a cute "Discover Penguin," wearing an orange scarf.

To be clear, these goals are now officially starting to roll out to farms; however, the Discover Card version of the Winter Wonderland farm is not yet available as of this writing. However, if you visit Discover's page on Facebook, you'll see that we will eventually be given a chance at the Discover Yeti himself, along with a Cashback Bonus Castle as free items in the game. We'll make sure to let you know how to score those items for your own farm just as soon as they're available.

[Goals 2-3 Via FVNation]

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What do you think of these Discover Card goals? Are you excited to see a lot of orange being added to the traditional green and red Christmas color scheme in FarmVille, even if it does come by way of some branded items? Sound off in the comments.