CityVille celebrates one year anniversary by taking a look back [Infographic]


While you may be busy celebrating CityVille's first birthday by building your City Center (so that it will eventually be able to store Community Buildings), the folks at Zynga proper have taken a look back at the year that was via a set of interesting stats, featuring accomplishments made by you - the players - in the past year.

Since being allowed to capture Bandits last March (those would-be felons that try to steal our profits when collecting from businesses), CityVille players have done just that, with over 4.5 billion bandits captured since then. And it's not just girls that are playing the game either, as we've learned that the game is composed of 41% male and 53% female players (we're assuming the missing 6% are users that don't have their gender listed on their Facebook profiles).

When compared to the real world, we see the size and scale of CityVille's reach really shine. For instance, Zynga has calculated that there are 45,300 McDonald's and Burger Kings (combined) in the entire world, while CityVille plays home to over 63 million burger joints in players towns. Similarly, Starbucks runs 17,000 restaurants in the real world, and there are even more Coffee Shops in CityVille - 89 milllion!

With such high figures for just its first year, is the sky really the limit for CityVille? Unfortunately, the game is on a decline, with AppData figures placing the game down 1.1 million players in just the last seven days. Still, with dedicated players creating these impressive one-year anniversary stats, I think it would be safe to say the game isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. You can check out the full infographic below.

Are you surprised to see such high numbers from CityVille's first year? How many times do you play CityVille each day or have you actually stopped? Sound off in the comments.