Adventure World Mystery of the Moon Door Expedition: Everything you need to know

Part 2 of the new Indiana Jones mission series in Adventure World sees you and Indy making your way inside the Moon Temple to try and find a component for the Calendar of the Sun. You'll need to have at least started the Jungle Approach Expedition in your game (the first in the Calendar of the Sun series) before being able to access this one, although you can run them both at the same time. To start Mystery of the Moon Door, you'll need to have at least 150 Supplies and a single Food, Fuel and Water. You can bring up to five of your friends in on this Expedition with you, and you'll have five days to complete it in its entirety. Here's a look at how to do just that!

Let Me In!

  • Investigate the 3 Skeletons Outside the Door

  • Ask Friends for 16 Compass Rose Seeds

  • Use Fertile Soil to Plant 8 Compass Rose Seeds

  • Use 4 Compass Markers to Learn How to Build a Celestial Compass

When compared to Jungle Approach, this Expedition immediately becomes more complicated (and therefore more time consuming). First, you'll need to ask your friends for 16 Compass Rose Seeds, which is done via individual requests to each of your game-playing friends. As you first enter this Expedition, you'll see the skeletons placed on stakes - apparently, the tribes that were here before you set up plenty of traps for outsiders, and you'll need to investigate these poor souls' demise. When clicking on the first one, you'll learn that the key to opening the door is the Celestial Compass. You'll need to find the four Compass Markers around the map (don't worry - they're large and hard to miss) and use them to find out just how to build a Compass of your own. However, you'll need to plant flowers next to the markers to actually be able to interact with them, hence having to ask your friends for the seeds.

The Competition

  • Investigate the Abandoned Camp

  • Investigate the Campfire

  • Recover the Lost Book

Apparently, you and Indy aren't the only ones that know about the Calendar of the Sun, so you'll need to take this opportunity to learn more about your competition by studying what they left behind. Luckily, both the fire and tent are right next to each other, but they are guarded by a snake you'll have to take out. When you investigate the tent, the book will appear next to it automatically, making this one of the easiest quests to complete in all of Adventure World.

Out of Time

  • Investigate the Dodo Bird

  • Investigate the Red-Throated Wood Rail Bird

  • Investigate the Great Auk Bird

Just as with the Jungle Approach Expedition, you'll find some extinct (well, formerly believed to be extinct) wildlife on this map. Here, you're finding birds, where as before you found plants. Just locate these three birds on the map (feel free to click on "Show Me" for their exact locations) and click on them to investigate.

When you finish this Expedition, you'll have just three more Expeditions to complete to finish the entire Calendar of the Sun mission set. You'll need to continue going through each map in order, before you can unlock the next in the path, but with enough hard work (and a little help from friends), you should have no problem making it to this point. Happy adventuring!

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