The Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games -- November 2011


As Sean Bean-err--Ned Stark would say: Winter is coming. And it's time to kick back on the couch and play some more games to make sure the 10 pounds you took on over Thanksgiving break stays there for the chilly months. The amount of gaming goodness to be enjoyed out there on the cheap is enormous and growing, and we're not just talking Facebook. Free-to-play games (as in, more than mere demos) are becoming more and more attractive to game creators.

Of course, they all have payment structures similar to Facebook and social games, but frequent readers should be used to that by now. With that, we've decided to highlight the best of the best, the cream of the crop each month as it stands on the final day of said month. Here are the top 10 free iOS and Android games (as of this writing) for November 2011:

Top 10 Free iOS Games

1. Amazing Breaker Free
Dekovir Inc. brings an interesting puzzler to the table with a simple goal: Using a few bombs as possible, destroy at least 90 percent of the ice in each sculpture. It sounds easy, but what until those sculptures break off in tiny shards. The game, complete with Retina Display graphics, features several unique bomb types including Ghost Bombs and Helicopter Bombs.


2. Angry Chickens
Seriously? Games like this don't even deserve more than this sentence, but we're game: The only thing more uninspired in this game than swapping the word "Birds" for "Chickens" is that there isn't even a type of four-legged farm animal in it.

3. Office Jerk
Fluik's iconic game returns to the top of the charts after an update this month. Now, you can throw Thanksgiving turkeys at the jerk for a limited time, as well as a host of other food items.

4. Monster Magic
Come on, people: Doodle Jump has been there and done that. At any rate, players can send 12 different monsters leaping up endless flights of floating platforms (sound familiar?) with the help of numerous power-ups.

5. Original Gangstaz Rock
If Mafia Wars isn't ... gangsta' enough for you, then Addmired's take might scratch that itch for you. Hey, here's something this game has and Mafia Wars doesn't: Your Momma' jokes--an interesting proposition, we guess.

6. Pictorial
Sergey Vasiliev has created (pictured upper right) what looks to be one of the more interesting takes on connect the dots this writer has seen. Players must guess the shapes presented in clusters of stars in the night sky as a means of training players' spatial awareness.

7. Dream Zoo
Zynga's first zoo-themed game released this month clocks in on the charts at a lower place than we'd expect. That's especially considering, based on an early look at the game, how darn cute it is. Check out our full preview right here.

8. Doodle Devil F2P
JoyBits has released the spiritual successor to its hit Doodle God. As you might have guessed from the title, the game has players do the exact opposite as before: destroy the universe using just basic elements ... like an apple and a human.

NFL Pro 2012
NFL Pro 2012

9. NFL Pro 2012
This answer to Madden by Gameloft takes the NFL license and runs with it. In fact, this looks like it plays a whole lot like Madden does on the iPhone. Though, Gameloft does claim to have used motion capture to get those players moves just right.

10. MyTown 2
Booyah's sequel to its location-based city builder was just updated with a slew of social features. Given that our in-depth preview of the game rested on the lack of said social features, this could make MyTown 2 worth a try.

Top 10 Free Android Games

1. Angry Birds
Again, because everything to say about Rovio's money printer has been said ad infinitum, let's highlight some Angry Birds news, shall we? Did you hear that Rovio allegedly turned down an offer from Zynga worth $2.25 billion? Crazy town!

2. Words With Friends
Let's try that same approach with this Zynga Mobile game, because let's face it: The game beat Scrabble to the punch on mobile. Did you hear that Words with Friends launched with the Amazon Kindle Fire?

3. Angry Birds Rio
Hey, the Smuggler's Plane content update just released to this version of the game. So we'd say it's worth checking out. Though, you'll likely have to pay up to access it--but why haven't you done that already?

Turkey Blast: Reloaded
Turkey Blast: Reloaded

4. Turkey Blast: Reloaded brings a Thanksgiving-themed game to the table for those that are still munching on leftovers. And who could resist that theme song? Just ... check out the game's page on the Android Market.

5. Angry Birds Seasons
Ooh, here's a juicy one: It looks like the next Christmas-themed Angry Birds update will be called "Wreck The Halls." You can probably expect it some time in December.

6. Fruit Ninja Free
Fruit appears, you slice it and squishy/slice noises ensue. Rinse, repeat and your three-hour flight to Seattle just turned into an hour-long joyride. Halfbrick, how will you ever strike gold like this again?

7. Drag Racing
Pretty much a staple to the top 10 list for Android at this point, Creative Mobile's car racer and customizer simply seems to deliver. Android-owning gear heads: This is the mobile game for you.

8. Shoot Bubble Deluxe
A newcomer to the top 10 list, but not a newcomer to games across the board, City Games's latest is a futuristic take on the bubble-bursting sub genre. At least there are a few gameplay modes and a global leaderboard, right?


9. Defender
This may be just another tower defense game, but boy does it look good. Droidhen's take on the "defend your castle from monsters" sub genre is a refreshingly handsome one at the very least, with numerous flashy power ups.

10. 3D Bowling
Italy Games's approach to everyone's least favorite sport returns to the top 10 list. And for good reason: The game looks stunning (for a bowling game), has detailed stat tracking and packs online leaderboards for the competitive types.

[Sources and Image Credits: Apple, Google]

Which of these games do you plan on downloading to ring in the winter with some fun? What games do you hope make it on the list next month? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment

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