Has EA somehow made the timeless puzzler Tetris ... better?

Tetris One-Touch
Tetris One-Touch

We all know Tetris. We've even come to know the 27-year-old puzzler on Facebook, iPhone and Android devices. Why even bother attempting to improve a game that, really, was rock solid from the start? Who knows, but according to impressions by VentureBeat (VB), the brand new Tetris for iPhone and Android developed by EA could have done just that.

It's called One-Touch Mode, and it allows players to control games of Tetris with one hand. (Well, from the looks of this screen, it looks like EA fills in for your other hand, if you catch our drift.) As each iconic tetrimino falls, up to six suggested locations are presented on-screen, and tapping any of them will automatically place that piece in that exact location. Swiping the screen sideways will reveal a few more possible locations.

According to VB, this dances around the common inaccuracies of touch-based gameplay. (Another VB writer sounded off in the article's comments section, praising One-Touch as "the single biggest innovation in the history of the franchise.") Those still married to the game's roots will be glad to hear that Marathon Mode returns, but a Galaxy Mode featuring power-ups to crush through barriers is another fresh take on the classic.

This new, trendy-looking approach to Tetris, seen at an EA preview event in San Francisco, is expected to replace the existing Tetris games on iOS and Android this week. (Let's just hope it doesn't cost $7.99.) Other games shown at the event included the Kindle Fire version of Plants Vs Zombies, a mobile edition of shooter Battlefield 3, The Sims FreePlay and more.

Does One-Touch sound like it could improve your Tetris experience? Do you still play the game after all these years? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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