Photos And Videos: Job Postings' Wave Of The Future

By Rob Kelly

One of the things I admire about Glassdoor is that they're helping to lead the charge on visual transparency of employers (like these photos of Facebook below).

Pictures are critical for career sites because they help show the culture of a company – that's one of the most important criteria job candidates look for.

The best employers themselves are getting into the picture mix too.

Check out Yelp's Careers page:

...or Hotwire's Careers section.

Video Is Next

The next wave of visual transparency will be video.

Videos are really just moving pictures and so they provide an even deeper look into a company's culture.

The very best employers I know already have videos about their companies or are actively working on them.

Check out Buddy Media's short video clip:

And employers such as Salesforce, Twitter and Klout are having their hiring managers interviewed on sites such as my own, Ongig:

I predict images and video of employers will be standard on the Web within five to ten years.

Any careers site that doesn't have pictures and videos will soon be considered archaic... like help wanted newspaper ads are today.

Rob Kelly is a globally recognized CEO, advisor and writer. He has served as CEO of Ongig, Hot Topic Media and Mojam and held executive positions at Topica and CMP Media. Before that, Rob was a journalist for Information Week Magazine where he interviewed Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other business leaders. Rob began his love of business early, attending his first shareholder/board meeting when he was 16 years old. More on Rob can be found at

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