Vostu goes for (another) Goooaaal with GolMania on Google+


Alright, so we just really like saying "Goooaaal!" At any rate, Brazilian social game maker Vostu has released its impressive soccer/football game GolMania on Google+. According to the developer, over 35 million matches have been played since GolMania's release on Facebook and Orkut in September. We're gonna' guess that's thanks to the game's real-time multiplayer.

Well, that and the game's smooth animations, skilled-based play mechanics and flashy visuals. GolMania was developed by MP Studio, a recent addition to Vostu responsible for several themed web games for brands like Nickelodeon and Coca-Cola. We generally don't recommend gamers play Google+ ports of Facebook games in the interest of, well, having friends. But since GolMania runs on the Vostu Game Network, players can compete across social networks.

Since the game launched earlier this fall, Vostu has introduced interpretations of real-life football clubs, like Boca Juniors and River Plate Buenos Aires, the two most famous clubs in Argentina, according to the developer. While the game is currently only available in Portugese, Spanish and English, Vostu didn't pass up the chance for some friendly trash talk: "So far, when the legendary match-up occurs between players from Brazil and players from Italy, Brazil wins 56 percent of the time."

Of course, GolMania doesn't forget that its a cartoon soccer world. Players can duke it out in real time on the moon, bounce the ball off stadium walls and--perhaps the most fanciful--tackle players without fear of a red card. In other words, prepare to take your hand off the mouse in a social game for once.

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