FarmVille: Santa's coming soon - have you been naughty?

While Winter Wonderland might offer FarmVille players more than enough content to last them through the month of December, the Christmas holiday and beyond, we'll apparently be receiving a visit from the big man in red himself: Santa! Santa looks to be coming with a new feature, if we can take a new gameplay loading screen seriously.

While it's no secret that Santa will indeed make an appearance in the game - "Guess Who's Coming to FarmVille?" pretty much guarantees it, it's what role Santa will play in the game that remains to be revealed. We're asked if we've been naughty of nice, with that text presented above a pile of presents. Could this mean that Santa will be part of an in-game gift exchange? Or, will we be able to complete a set of goals to prove to Santa how nice we've been, so that we'll be given more presents? At the very least, it looks like we'll likely end up with a Winter-themed collection event in the game, (most likely) bringing some limited edition goodies with it.

The possibilities here are endless, but we'll make sure to stay on top of things to make sure you're the first to know when Santa himself shows up on our farms.

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Are you excited that Santa will be making an appearance in FarmVille? What sort of feature do you think Santa will be involved in? Speculate with us in the comments!