Game of the Day: Aerial Mahjong

aerial mahjong game of the day
Today is the last day of November 2011, meaning today is your last chance to enter to win that free Flip HD Camcorder by playing the Game of the Day. Fortunately for you Mahjong lovers, the Game of the Day is Aerial Mahjong, a fun twist on the classic game.

In Aerial Mahjong, you'll make your way through fascinating levels and solve riddles to find the mighty mage and gain from him a magnificent gift! Sounds enticing, but the real fun is matching tiles and solving puzzles. As you progress through the mystical land of Aerial, you'll encounter unique and different challenges, secret bonuses, and even earthquakes!

Become a master of Mahjong to claim your prize!

Click here to play Aerial Mahjong!
aerial mahjong game of the dayaerial mahjong game of the day
What level did you make it to in Aerial Mahjong?
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