The Sims Social Pic of the Day: Alan5779's Hong Kong apartment

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You learn things about decorating when you live in a shoebox apartment on a small island of 7 million people. Real estate is at a premium, where a 150 square foot room can cost you $263,157 USD. I'm talking about Hong Kong, which is my birthplace, but also the real world residence of The Sims Social player, Alan5779.
The Sims Social tiny hong kong apt
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Using the stacking method, Alan5779 managed to cram everything his Sim needs into a tiny 6x6 room in the game. Sometimes, game updates cause glitches to occur, so he's had to redesign his room several times to make sure his Sim still had space to interact with his furniture, but as you can see from the screenshots, he's clearly succeeded.

Alan's may be the first to come up with a fully functional, tiny apartment in The Sims Social, but one Hong Kong architect did it in real life by transforming his 344 square foot apartment into 24 rooms by using sliding walls. Party houses, these ain't. But they're certainly what Alan has taken to calling his "Nano Kingdom".

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